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Hello! My name is Danielle Olsen. This is my Free Ads VIP profile page and I suggest these programs. Continue down this page for more of my favorite traffic and cash generating affiliate programs!

I used to own a heap of 'Paid to click' sites back in '05-08' before the 'bux' type sites. My username was and still is blush
I hope to find people that remember me =) I have missed this crazy paid to world, and well starting back in the beginning of last winter 2023 I got my butt back online! So here I am starting over and I hope to get my own site soon! I have had some ups and downs in this process but I hope you will be joining my very own TE soon (paid to click's just arn't the thing anymore, dang it, because I miss paid to clicks they were a lot easier I think then these traffic exchanges but that's another rant lol)
I live in Minnesota and always have! I love meeting new people from around the world its so much fun for me so please feel free to always say hi to me =) I welcome the chat!!

*btw if you would like to see my baby my very first site that I owned you can see it in the waybackmachine well you used to but I have the link saved so please check it out
(you have to copy and paste to view)
That site truly turned me into a webmaster! it was the start of some crazy things to come, by the end of 08 I was the owner of all the Dr' sites so was kiwideals we ran those together! Remember storm of cash Mike and Mark owners of those and I can't believe Sebas still has Donkey Mails which I am still a member of I hope Remy is still with him I see Jills click corner is no more but like I said it was crazy than and as I surf around now a days I am finding myself saying the same thing now! lol
You guys are great and I am so happy to be a part of this traffic exchange online community. and um Angelo if your around I would love to re-connect with you! I still have the same email and have tried to contact you thru your old one but no luck, I still have my aurora script lic. and am sure Scott wouldn't mind me using it, I don't think my resellers lic is any good now but anyway lol

Hope everyone has a blessed day/night...Happy surf to you!~

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